About us


Kinder-Loshn Publications, a project of Yugntruf Youth for Yiddish, publishes classic works of Yiddish children’s literature and new titles in bilingual editions with professional illustrations, standardized Yiddish spelling, and original English translations.

Kinder-Loshn began as an effort to organize a library of Yiddish children’s books by collecting old copies of classic works from parents at Yiddish Week. After seeing how children failed to react to old tattered books with often lackluster illustrations, it became clear that today’s young Yiddish readers require books with professional illustrations and modern formats.

Seeing the growing popularity of bilingual children’s books in other languages, Yugntruf’s chairman, Jordan Kutzik, realized that Yiddish children’s literature would not only appeal to Yiddish-speaking children but to a wider audience. He decided to start a publishing initiative that would release beloved classics and new titles with parallel Yiddish/English texts. These new editions not only introduce a new diverse audience of young readers to these works but also acquaint them with Yiddish culture and Jewish history and serve as an introduction to the Yiddish language.